Apocrypha of Azazel | 2 Min Teaser

The God of Death invites you to listen his long lost diaries -- The Apocrypha of Azazel -- which tell the (true) history of your world through a series of fantasy novels that feature mythical creatures, magical weapons, tragic heroes and dastardly villains (including Azazel himself!)

What if I told you that I recently discovered a set of long lost diaries from...The God of Death.
Would you believe me?
Maybe you should.
Because the diaries are my own and I am that god.

I’m finally ready to tell my tale and I’m calling it the Apocrypha of Azazel -- it’s a history filled with mythical creatures, magical weapons, tragic heroes and dastardly villains (myself among them). 

You’re wondering - Who am I? Why would I share my secrets with you? 
As to the who - I am Azazel - perhaps known to you as a fallen angel, or maybe The Grim Reaper, or perhaps The God of Death - although I assure you that I’ve done more to bring LIFE to your world than any other god you’ve ever worshipped.
As to why I would converse with you - let’s just say it’s part of my penance. It’s a story you’ll learn in a bit, but for now I suggest you do yourself a favor and SUBSCRIBE to this podcast immediately- you can subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen. You’ll also want to visit my website at apocrphyaofazazel.com so you can join my email list and be notified whenever I put our new podcast episodes or articles. 

Why might you want to do this? 
Because my tale holds the key to your very soul - if you care about where I’ll be taking you to spend your afterlife, I suggest you pay attention to what I’m about to tell you. 

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So what can you expect if you listen to The Apocrypha of Azazel?
Inside each episode I’ll read from the secret diaries I’ve kept for 1000 of years. I’ve recently divided them into books and I plan on releasing all of them on this podcast. 
  • We’ll start with Book I - The Great Deceiver - where I’ll tell you about the True Story of the Creation of your world (which is far different than anything you’ve heard before). This book will help you understand my backstory - and my grand plans for ruling the universe. 
  • After that we’ll move to Book II - The War of the Ghast - a tale about the Great Hacktor Derkillez, a legendary king of the Drokka clan, who I so graciously armed a weapon of mass destruction. I assured Hacktor that with The Ghast he would win every war - but alas for Hacktor - like all the misguided dictators I’ve used as my pawns over millennia, Hacktor’s war didn’t quite work out like he envisioned. (laugh)
  • From there I’ll read you a trilogy called A Grim Future? It follows a trio of would-be heros on an ill-fated quest for revenge that brought them face to face with the evil gods of this world (myself among them) -- as we all struggled for control of a magical dagger that had the power to kill a god or grant him control of the universe. This story showcased the height of my  power - and my fall...
  • After that - who knows where we’ll go, but I promise you this - it will be a tale unlike any you’ve heard before. 

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Did you do it?
Great - then let’s begin The Apocrypha of Azazel...

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